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 Lawrence speck tHeatre company




I make theatre for young people and families that is funny, engaging and relevant using storytelling, music, puppetry and audience interaction. Lawrence Speck Theatre has developed two Arts Council funded shows: The Boggle and Shapeshifter. I believe that exciting and engaging theatre should be accessible to all, with that in mind my shows can be performed in a rage of spaces. I have toured nationally to many theatres, festivals, schools, National Trust properties and libraries. Both of my current shows are based on British Mythology and have been carefully crafted to ensure the themes are still pertinent for a modern audience. Please see below for more information. 




This fantastic storytelling show takes the form of a trial/emergency town meeting where the audience are asked to decide the fate of Ursulla Foot and her grandson Oglesby.


Ursula and Oglesby recently moved to the area and soon after this strange things started to happen. Kilroy Quin, Head of the local hunt has called an emergency town meeting and accuses Ursula of being a shapeshifter and tries to persuade the townsfolk that they would be better of without these "Outsiders." Have they really done anything wrong? Is Ursulla a shapeshifter? Should we always be suspicious of people that are different? The Community must decide. 


This show explores the themes of difference and outsiders through a carefully crafted narrative putting the audience right at the heart of the story allowing them to discuss current British Values (Ofsted focus).

Shapeshifter Trailer

The Boggle 

A perfectly charming, slightly spooky story of a mischievous boggle (house elf) and the extraordinary lengths it will go to terrorise someone. The story is set in the heart of the beautiful British countryside on John's Luck's farm, where everything is fine until one day he forgets to feed the boggle; oh dear! 


The big question is how does John deal with his problem? With the help of the audience will he catch it, befriend it or run away from it?

The show explores the themes of luck and problems and asks the audience to consider the consequence of running away from problems . It's also an excellent way for young people to explore

the topic of myths and legends.  

The boggle trailer